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Islamic Credit Card

Why Credit Cards?? Credit Card is one of the most popular financial product across the world and is witnessing a huge growth rate. Few of the reasons for this are: Access to Credit & opportunity to upgrade your purchase Ease of usage & protection against robbery, theft Additional...
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Fintech Sales: Web Visits to Conversions II

fintica web conversion tools
In my previous blog Fintech Sales: Web visits to conversions ; FINTICA, I had talked about the customer journey of visit to conversion and the important marketing methods one can use to improve conversions. In this second part, I will touch upon specific tools the marketeer can use...
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Fintech Sales: Web visits to conversions

Web visits to sales conversion
My previous post on Fintech Sales & Marketing tools focused on the following two problems: Reaching to the potential customers and to make them aware about you Bringing the potential customers to your website & ensure they have a good experience Let’s understand the most crucial part now....
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The Untapped Billions – Youth & Kids

According to Statista & UN, 26% of the world population is below the age of 15 years (roughly 2 billion people worldwide), and 16% is between 16-24 years!!! Youths & kids are one segment which has never got any serious attention from traditional Banks and other old school...
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CX/DX & Fintech

CX DX fintech fintica
Let’s go back to 1990s. There were hardly many fintech companies and minimal tech innovations. Customers had to stand in line and there was no internet, no timelines but still most banks used to get very high rating on CX ( it was customer satisfaction survey then). Why?...
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